How To Lose Water Weight

When the body retains water, we may feel bloated and as such look swollen. Your clothes may not look or fit well on you. People who experienced this condition usually notice change in weight.

If you have an event coming up and you want to shed some few pounds to look smart on your outfit or to look smart on your outfit or to look smart generally, then read on as I will share with you how to lose water weight fast and the right way.

Understand that the tips I am about to share with you though will help you lose weight, but weight loss with these methods is temporary as you will likely going to regain lost weight after re-hydration.

Before we go to tips on how to lose water weight, let’s first understand the reasons why people retain fluid in the body.


lose water weight

Causes of water weight

Generally, water weight occurs when the body retains fluid. And there are several reasons for this. Below are some of them.

  • High consumption of sugar.
  • High consumption of sodium foods.
  • Kidney failure.
  • Not exercising regularly.
  • Insufficient vitamin B.
  • Not drinking enough water.

How to lose water weight

From the above, it is evident that there are several causes of water retention in the body. How you lose water weight should depend on how you get it in the first place. If caused by certain medical condition like kidney failure; I suggest you see a doctor to have your body examine and to treat you properly. However, here are what to do to lose water weight.

  1. Drink more water daily. Although, it sounds ironical to drink more water to remove water from the body, seriously, that is what you should do. Retaining water in the body could be as a result of not taking enough. The more water you take daily, the lesser your body needs to store.  Your body holds water when it doesn’t get enough because it needs it to carry out certain function in the body such as flushing out of waste from the body. Regular consumption of water has also been known to improve metabolism and the function of your body organ.
  2. Don’t consume too much salt. Consuming too much salt can cause your body to retain water which can lead to bloating and swelling. The question is should you stay off salt entirely? You are not to stay off salt, you only need to avoid consuming too much such as consuming high salty foods and avoid consuming too much of them. Certain processed foods contain high amount of sodium. You can stay off such food for now especially as you plan to lose weight.
  3. Avoid too much caffeine. Avoid taking too much caffeine and other diuretics. Taking caffeine can help remove water from the body but you must drink small quantities as taking too much can cause dehydration and subsequently water retention.
  4. Avoid booze. Avoid taking booze. Just like caffeine, it can cause dehydration and bloating.
  5. Don’t sit for too long. Reduce the amount of time spent sitting daily especially if you suffer from water retention. This is because it prevents your lymphatic system from removing water from your tissue. Involve in small exercises daily. Walking daily can also be of help. Instead of sitting all day, take frequent walks during the day as it can help you reduce water weight.
  6. Reduce weight. Are you over weight? If yes, then your body water retention could be as a result of your overweight. People who are overweight or obese are likely going to retain weight as compared to an average weight person.
  7. Regular exercise. Regular exercises can help you get rid of water weight. This water weight is loss through sweating. You can also loss sodium along with the water. You know sodium causes water retention. Involve in regular exercise routine to help stop water retention and increase in your body metabolism.
  8. Go for checkups. If you experience water retention that causes swelling or bloating, the first thing to do is to see your doctor to know what is causing the retention in the first place especially if you have experience the swelling or bloating over a long period of time or if you face discomfort from the bloating or swelling. Water retention could be as a result of medical condition such as high or low blood pressure, kidney failure, liver and cardiovascular disease.

Fluid retention in the leg ……

This is usually common with those who are inactive and the elderly. Also those who are involved in regular long journey could also experience this.

For those who suffer from fluid retention in the leg, consider using compression stockings to improve circulation and to reduce water weight in that region. You can speak to your doctor about using it.

Also, taking frequent walks daily and regular calf exercises can be of help to get rid of water in that area.

Often times, water retention is harmless and it is as a result of issues discussed above such as high salt intake, dehydration, and so on.

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