The Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is an easy way of correcting an individual’s feature(s) in order to achieve a “perfect” look. Nonetheless, plastic surgery is not only performed for aesthetic purposes alone, it can also be carried out to remove scars that may have been left after an accident. Cosmetic surgery is not restricted to the face since processes like breasts implants or liposuction are categorized under cosmetic surgery too. Basically, any surgical procedure on the body with the aim off altering your physical appearance can be termed as cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Just like any other elective medical procedure, plastic surgery has its pros and cons. The patients, who are considering this procedure, need to weigh these facts up in order to make an informed decision. The fact is that not everyone needs this procedure and most people who go through it are not ready. Therefore, it is a crucial decision that you have to make as sometimes it may provide major benefits but in some cases, the negatives might outweigh the benefits.

English: Dr. Amir Karam Performing Fat Transfe...

English: Dr. Amir Karam Performing Fat Transfer to Face Cosmetic Surgery Procedure. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Pros of Plastic Surgery

Physical Appearance

The aesthetic benefit of plastic surgery is the most obvious benefit. This procedure rectifies asymmetry, cosmetic defects that an individual may have had since birth, any scars from accidents or injuries or even any imperfections (not defects) that an individual feels uncomfortable having. For some patients, plastic surgery helps correct severe dis-figuration making them have a “normal” appearance.

Emotional Benefit

Plastic surgery helps improve one’s self-esteem and self-confidence. Some patients and especially those who suffer severe dis-figuration or those people who have a problem with how they look have a strong emotional attachment to their physical appearance. Plastic surgery can remove the social hurdles and ridicule they have to conquer on a daily basis thus improving their self-esteem and confidence. This procedure can also help lessen depression in some patients.

The Cons of Plastic Surgery

Going under the knife is not about positives alone. There may be serious negative impacts, which you may have to deal with. These are;

It Is A Risky Procedure

Being a surgical procedure, it has some risks associated to it. This may include loss of blood, nervous problems, infections and other complications. It is therefore vital for you to discuss all the risks associated with this medical procedure with your doctor and make sure you are comfortable with all those risks before the procedure is carried out. In some cases, you will have scars, time off work and pain, which you may not be willing to endure.

Unsatisfying Results

In some cases, the results may not meet the patient’s expectations. However, this is usually the case if the patient has unrealistic expectations about their procedure. Plastic surgery is a great procedure that can do wonders to an individual’s appearance but does not change the basic aspect of what you really look like. It does not heal deep emotional trauma which is related to personal appearance.


This procedure is quite expensive and is not covered by insurance in most cases. It is advisable to carry out the procedure only when it is necessary because of its cost. If it is not medically necessary, you can take an alternative measure.

Waiting Time

The procedure may cause bruising and swelling after the procedure and the results may not be visible until you have healed completey. Very many patients have reported having waited for as long as six to twelve months before their results are completely visible. However, if you are ready to work with these negatives to have the appearance you always dreamed off, then you are ready for the procedure.

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  1. Shailender

    Hi Francis,

    Now people are more keen for plastic surgery, as everyone wants to look attractive. In this race, people hardly give attention that this surgery could backfire their expectation. So its essential to know the side effects of any surgery and of course cost.

    • Francis

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      It is quite sometime. Thanks for your comment. I hope you will check back again.

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