Want To Lose Weight? Don’t Be Discourage By The Summer Sun

For those who wants to lose weight, summer should not be seen as times when you abandon or put on hold your weight loss program or weight loss activities, but instead, you should be more focus, stay motivated so as to even lose more!

I know summer months can be at times be frustrating especially during heatwave where you have to deal with the heat head on. But instead of restricting yourself indoors to the cooling system, while not go all out and face the sun.

If your weight loss program or activities or effort requires you stay indoor, then, that’s to your luck. But, if it requires or take you outdoors then go out!

My advice for you is to drink water to avoid dehydration. The amount of water you drink during summer should be more than the amount you drink during winter or cool period because more water is lost during this period. Also, water don’t contain calorie and as such you will prevent overeating doing just that. You can also consume fruits as most fruits has very low amount of calorie. There are several water fruits you can get during summer months to help you consume less calorie. An example of such is water melon.

What ever your effort is at losing weight, you should not stop because its summer. Continue with your weight loss effort. You will be surprise at how much weight you have loss during this summer period.

Don’t forget to seek the approval of your doctor before starting especially if you have any chronic medical condition. Seek their opinion.

I look forward to see you drop more weight this summer!

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