5 Things To Look For In A Liposuction Surgeon

The most important thing you can do when preparing for liposuction is choosing the right plastic surgeon. Besides the surgeons’ certifications and proof of their training, the next most important consideration is the plastic surgeon’s experience.

English: Plastic Surgeon Vishal Kapoor, MD per...

English: Plastic Surgeon Vishal Kapoor, MD performing liposuction surgery on female patient using the super-wet technique. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What you want to look for is someone that is an expert in liposuction in particular and has a history of positive results. There are some key points to check when it comes to looking at a surgeon’s experience.

1. Expertise

Once a plastic surgeon finishes his or her board certification, they are technically qualified to perform any cosmetic surgery. However, most will specialize in a few procedures since it is impossible to be an expert in every type of treatment. When shopping for liposuction, you want a surgeon that specializes in liposuction surgery.

2. Portfolio

Any plastic surgeon would keep a portfolio of their past patients and it is a great start to get a sense of how much experience the surgeon has. More than just seeing how many patients have been treated, you get a sense of the type of results. The quality of the outcome and how natural it looks will come from the artistic skills of the plastic surgeon.

3. Clarity

Watch out for any surgeon that isn’t able or willing to make things clear. For example, there is a difference between the number of procedures performed and patients treated. It isn’t unusual for a patient to have more than one treatment and it is more meaningful to have performed 20 procedures on 10 individual patients than to have performed 20 procedures on just 5 patients.

4. Frequency

Two liposuction surgeons could both have treated 100 patients. However, if one performs 3 procedures a week while the other has 100 past patients because they have been in practice for 10 years, which would you rather go to? The frequency of procedures performed will make a difference in the plastic surgeon’s experience level because it shows what they specialize in and that their craft is fresh in their memory.

5. Recentness

Medical science advances quickly with new findings that disproves old beliefs or support new theories that affect real-life application. A liposuction surgeon that treats patients regularly and have been performing recently should be more up to date. They would also be more closely in-tune with their craft.

Once you’ve checked the surgeon’s background in training and experience, you want someone that truly cares about the well-being of their patients. What you want is a liposuction surgeon that cares about safety and has a safety-consciousness. That way the surgical risks are minimized and results are optimal.

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