5 Easy Steps on How to Quickly Manage Stress

Day to day stressors is always present around you so they’re pretty inevitable if you’ll think about it. The stress that comes with your work, looking after your kids, or simply working your way around your home doing chores alone seems to be enough reasons to make stress bite on you.

So whether you’re indoors or outside trying to work your living, here are five easy steps to quickly manage your stress and make yourself feel comfortable once more.

Self Portrait As A Stressed-Out Bride To Be

Push the wall. This should be the part where you should be able to release the pent-up stress you’ve accumulated over the day. You may not have enough energy to press on that stress ball sitting in your table but you will surely have energy to push something given that it’s stronger than you. Pushing your office or house wall would be a great way for you to release muscle tension especially when you don’t feel like stretching,

Drink a glass of water. When you’re so tempted to utter a not-so-good word or your heart is trying to give you the race of your life, calm everything else with a glass of water. A cold glass would be enough to calm your nerves, bring oxygen into your brain and put your hormones back again into balance. The end product? You feel less stressed, alert and better.

Enrich your diet. A poor diet is a good enough reason to leave you stressing out over why you have to do things when you’re actually left to a no-good kind of food. Choosing the food you eat is very important because it might be one reason why you’re overly stressed. Unhealthy foods can trigger and increase the production of stress hormones in your brain so always choose to add fruits and veggies in your daily diets to avoid this. Foods like salmon, dark chocolate, honey and several foods are also rich in stress-fighting nutrients so they’re a much suggested choice to go for you.

Laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Laughing is really something that is an immediate cure to anything. You can be sad and crying now but one joke can make you laugh so hard you’ll forget the crying bout and laugh until you’re rolling in on the floor. The idea is that, you don’t try to get humor out of your life. Instead, make time to make yourself laugh or smile about things. Joke with your friends in and out and share to make the atmosphere light and prevent tension from building into you. Besides, when stress starts to gnaw at you over the pile of paper work or chores undone and still needs to be done, listen to your favorite DJ for the latest jokes or simply turn in your channel some place where you can laugh and laugh and feel good after. Just remember not to let anybody see you laughing WITHOUT them knowing the reason. They might get ideas you might not know.

Enjoy your break. Consider your break time as your break time. Not the time to work out another thing in relation to your work or anything else that is outside to the time where you should have been relaxing. Not enjoying your meals to the maximum because you’re trying to finish that report or washing you have to do won’t do you any better. Keep in mind: there is always a time for everything and making sure that you follow those time frames would help you do more in an efficient way rather than having more with an average grade.

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