3 Vitamins That Help In Weight Loss

Getting to your ideal weight and shedding a few pounds does not have to be quick. The healthiest way to lose weight is by getting the proper nutrition, regular exercise and allowing our body to drop the excess weight as it adjusts to the healthier lifestyle. There are naturally occurring foods that contain weight loss vitamins.

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The family of B vitamins are natural weight loss vitamins and ingredients for boosting metabolism. This helps the body burn more fat and sugar during the digestion process so there is less to be stored as fat. Meanwhile, the increase in metabolized calories provides the body with a natural rise in energy levels. These vitamins are water soluble and do not stay in the body. It must be supplied regularly which is okay because it is abundant in most of the foods we eat every day like meat, fish, milk and eggs. It is also present in nuts and cereals, especially fortified cereals.

Vitamin C has been shown to be a very powerful agent in weight loss and fat burning. When exercising at moderate intensities, studies have shown that those with high levels of C vitamin can burn more fat than those with lower levels. It has also been shown that people with low levels of vitamin C store more fat and have larger waist circumference.

Vitamin D also helps the weight loss process by promoting fat oxidation. D is readily available through foods like eggs and diary and can be produced by the body with sun exposure. These are also essential vitamins for skin care as well as other critical bodily functions.

Those concerned about looking healthy and youthful should pay attention because vitamins C, D and the B family of vitamins are critical for healthy skin. B-6, B-12, riboflavin and others in the B family help maintain healthy levels of collagen and keratin under the skin for smoothness and minimizing wrinkles which all contributes to help get rid of cellulite. Vitamins C protects against skin problems while D plays a vital role in new skin cell production.

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