Type 2 Diabetes Patients Can Improve Their Health By Losing Weight

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. It is a disease whereby there is high level of sugar (glucose) in the blood.

There is a chance for people with type2 diabetes to improve their health when they lose weight. People with this disease are usually overweight. This is not to suggest that slim or thin people are free from the disease.

A study called the “look AHEAD” has found that patients with type2 diabetes can improve their health by losing weight. This study was led by Rena Wing, a Psychiatry Professor at Brown University.

Patients with type2 diabetes who are overweight where studied. Those who loses weight had their sugar (glucose)more under control. So they were less likely to suffer from depression, kidney disease and other health complications.

The study went further to state that they are also more likely to improve their quality of life, fewer hospitalization and take less medication. Taking less medication will lead to reduce medical cost.

The Pincushion EffectHope: Diabetes Supplies Art

The main purpose of the study was initially to examine the connection between weight loss and heart attack or stroke. They later found out that there was no connection between weight loss and heart attack or stroke. But, there were other benefits of losing weight.

This research or study is a plus to the numerous reasons to lose weight. For some who  are overweight and want  to lose weight, getting or discovering the right way to go about it can pose a challenge. But, the awareness will spur many to get serious about losing their weight.

Discussing with your doctor can help to determine the right approach to adopt that will work best for you.



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  1. Shailender

    Certainly a good news for those who are not overweight, and certainly encourages overweight people to lose their weight so that they can live healthy life and prevent various diseases.

    • Francis

      This is a wake up call for diabetes patients who are overweight. Thanks Shailander for your contribution.

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