Men Loses Weight Better Than Women Says Kirchhoff (Weight Watcher Boss)

The head of the Weight Watchers Organization says that men are better than women at losing weight. This is because, according to the organization, men view weight loss as a war which they must overcome.
This fact intensely annoys women, says Kirchhoff David who is the Chief Executive Officer at Weight Watchers. According to him, “guys don’t want to be seen as going on a diet, they want to be seen as getting more fit”.

David Kirchhoff
The fact that men treat weight loss as war make them more successful at losing weight as compared to females.
He went further to say that men can lose weight really quickly if they put their mind to it. When they finally make up their, its like going to war.
Kirchhoff who lose 20 kilograms using the program he now run, says “when men are doing the weight watchers program, which is based on keeping track of points,  as soon as they start doing it, it becomes like a fantasy sport league”.
” They keep track of scores and numbers and they crush the program, they do so unbelievably well, it is a bit frightening. And it irritates women to no end”.
What do you think of kirchhoff statement? Is it a ploy to lure more men to their weight loss program? Well, lets hear from you.

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