Is your child not eating enough? How to make them eat more?

I have heard parents and guidance complained of the inability of their child to eat enough food. Some children even go for hours without food.This usually cause a growing concern among parents. This post is not intended to make children over eat, but for those who naturally do not have the desire or interest to eat or those who “under eat”. It is for them to eat more.

As a parent you get worried as a result of your child’s lack of interest for food? Do you have kids with this behavior; here is what to do to get them eat more.

Udon (うどん)

Talk To Your Kid

Talking to your kid regularly about the benefits of eating food and what different food do for their body can help them eat more.

A study undertaken by Stanford university study finds that teaching your kids about nutrition can help to boost their desire to eat more vegetables.

Children naturally are curious; they want to know how things work. Teaching them how food works for the body and how important they need it can help them eat more. However, you must teach them in a more simplified way depending on their age and their level of understanding.

When they are made to understand why food is important, then, they are more likely to eat more.

Lead By Example

You can start telling your child to eat more when you don’t or expect them to eat more when you don’t.

Children are more likely to copy from people around them. If you must get your child to eat more, you should eat too.

Make Eating Interesting

You should try to make eating interesting. When your kid finds it interesting to eat, he eats more! If you find your child not eating more be creative with the meal. Try different way to preparing that particular dish. Also make available variety if you can.

Allow Your Kid To Be Part Of The Cooking

Take your child out for shopping with you. If he sees a particular food he loves get it for him.

Let him be involved in preparing the meal especially if he is a little older. There is a level to which kids can do. Let them involve in assisting you in the cooking.

Children are more likely to eat food they are involve in. They want to know how it taste like.

Let Mealtime Be Mealtime

Mealtime should be mealtime not playtime or mealtime and playtime. A child should not be walking around or playing with tolls or involved in any other distractions while eating. Some kids can eat more this way. Most of them will be more involved in the activities they are in and eat less.

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  1. Shailender

    Hi Francis,

    Lead by example is a good step, which automatically encourage your child to eat healthy food. Although children likes to eat only sweet and delicious stuff and they’re unaware of its bad impact on the body. So educating them how your eating can affect your health is another great way to encourage them to eat healthy food and at regular intervals.

    • Francis

      True talk Shailender! The child should not be left alone to make their choices in all occasion, they should be guilded. Educating the child is important to help love and eat the right food. Thanks!

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