SMILE! You’ll Be Amazed with the Results

It’s easy to smile when you’re feeling good and everything seems to be going your way, but can smiling make you feel good, even when you feel bad? Believe it or not, YES, smiling is one facial expression that can turn a super stressful day into a completely manageable one and will always reimburse you tenfold any effort it took to put it on your face. Let me explain.

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The Numerous Benefits of Smiling:

There are numerous benefits of smiling. Below are sure reasons to smile more.

  • Smile Reduces Stress:

    It’s not always easy to smile when you are stressed, but studies have shown that slowing your breathing and changing your facial expression to a smile can put a halt on the torrent of stress symptoms and help reduce the intensity of the stress response on the body. In fact, according to Dr. Michael Lewis, a psychologist at Cardiff University, just using the muscles that are required for smiling will lighten your mood because it is through stimulation of these muscles that the brain is able to evaluate mood. So, for what it’s worth…if you can’t make it, FAKE it!

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  • Smile Makes You More Attractive:

    No doubt about it, smiling draws people in. People who smile are likely to have more friends. People who seem happy and content and smile a lot tend to light up a room when they walk in and even have the ability to rub off on other people. There is truth in the saying “smiling is contagious.” On the contrary, frowning, scowling, and grimacing push people away.

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  • Smile Makes You Appear More Confident:

    Who doesn’t want to look and feel more confident? Having confidence can give you a leg up in your career or other important life pursuits. When you smile, you will portray an air of confidence that will cause people to react to and interact with you differently. Watch out promotion, here you come!

  • Smile Makes You Feel and Look Younger:

    Smiling actually lifts the face and can make a person look more youthful. Here’s something to smile about-think of all the money you’ll save just by smiling; it’s a very inexpensive face lift.

Did you Know…

A fake smile differs from a genuine smile in that a genuine smile (also called a Duchenne smile) not only involves the mouth, but also the eyes. That crinkling that occurs in the corners of your eyes tells the story of whether or not your smile comes from the heart.

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How to Increase your Smiling Capacity

  1. Spend time with people who make you smile and make you laugh often.
  2. Watch a comedy.
  3. Look through a photo album or think of happy memories from past experiences.
  4. If all else fails, FORCE YOURSELF! Your brain won’t know the difference, and your body will thank you for it.

Summing it Up:

It’s hard to imagine that just by smiling, you can really benefit in so many ways. Those who smile often are perceived in a more positive light, make more friends, find more success in their career, and report better health and wellness. For more information on ways to improve your health and wellness, stop by this site featuring home gym pieces that will help to improve your fitness and give you more to smile about!


 SMILE! Youll Be Amazed with the Results
preview SMILE! Youll Be Amazed with the Results
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preview SMILE! Youll Be Amazed with the Results
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