5 Tips To Help You Maintain The Cleanliness Of Your Indoor Air

Cleaning the air inside the home is very important. This is because the air inside could also get dirty the same way the air outside gets dirty. Pollutants will surely make the air inside your home difficult to breathe. Pollutants can not only make the interior air a little bit stinky but they could also make the air unsafe to breathe. Poor indoor air can cause various health issues and that is why you should seek to maintain the cleanliness of your indoor air. Here are some tips for you to consider:

indoor air

Do not smoke inside the home

Cigarette smoke is one of the most common pollutants inside the home. Smoke is, of course, very unsafe to breathe. That is why any smoker in the family should consider smoking outside the home. This is so that the health of other non-smokers, especially the children, will not be affected.

Maintain the cleanliness of your floor

The floor can be the dirtiest part of the house. It is where dust and other pollutants gather. Dust in the floors could get blown by the wind and could cause air contamination. Sweep your floors regularly. Dust gathers faster on carpeted floors so if your floors are carpeted, then use the vacuum cleaner once a day.

Avoid dust gathering in your electrical appliances

Dust could also gather inside your electrical appliances. That is why you have to consider machinery cleaning regularly. Dust usually gathers in machines that have fans including air conditioners, refrigerators, and computers. If dust gathers easily in these machines inside your home, it is a sign that your indoor air is very dirty. Thus, you should exert more effort in the maintenance of your indoor air.

Have fabrics in your home replaced regularly

Fabrics such as curtains, bed sheets, and pillow sheets have to be replaced regularly. Get them washed if dirty. This is because pollutants could also gather on them. Take note that you should be careful with the fabrics that you use inside your home. This is because some types of fabric contain formaldehyde, a chemical that also pollutes your indoor air.

Get an air purifier

An air purifier is a machine that sucks in bad air and gives back clean and purified air. An air purifier might cost you. Nevertheless, it would be a lot better to spend on an air purifier than to spend for illnesses caused by poor quality indoor air.

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