How To Determine Whether Injectable Facial Treatment Is For You?

Non-invasive procedures are becoming very popular as people look for ways to improve or enhance their appearance without going through surgery. The popularity of injectable treatments has grown due to the benefits they offer. These procedures are not for everyone and you need to find out if you will get the results that you desire, or if you should consider plastic surgery instead. Botox and facial fillers like Juvederm and Restylane are the most common procedures and they are mainly used in the treatment of facial wrinkles, lines around the mouth and crow’s feet. Following are benefits of the procedures.

facial treatment

  • The procedures are very low risk making them perfect for those who do not like the idea of getting surgery. They can be done at the dermatologist’s office or at a medical spa.
  • They are fast and are completed within minutes. This means that you will not have to take time off work or go through hours of treatment.
  • They require little or no down time and you can be off on your daily routine within hours. If you are preparing for an event, you can get the procedure and still be on time for the event.
  • In most cases, the results are instant and you can get immediate satisfaction. The injectables are localized and you determine the success as soon as the procedure is over.
  • The procedures are more affordable than surgery, which means that many people can get the look they want without worrying about the issue of financing.

While the treatments have many benefits, they also have drawbacks that include limited and temporary results, usually lasting between four to six months. In most cases, you require several treatments before you can achieve the desired effects. Before you get the treatment, you need to know that they are not used to treat or correct cases of excess, loose or sagging skin. For these, you require a surgical procedure like a facelift.

The treatments are perfect for you if you are looking for a temporary result on a localized area. Many women get the procedure before their wedding or a special event so that they can look their best. If you have to get regular procedures every few months, you might find that surgery is more cost effective in the long term. You should consider all the pros and cons before you decide if the non-invasive procedures are right for you.

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