How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Many people are suffering from kidney stones and many are even unaware that they have kidney stones at all. Because kidney stones are a common occurrence in the urinary tract, people often feel helpless when it comes to preventing them. In truth, kidney stones can be effectively prevented. With the right knowledge and awareness of what you can do to prevent having them, you can make it possible.

English: A kidney stone. Yet unidentified type...

English: A kidney stone. Yet unidentified type. Author supposed calcium oxalate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Most people will say that prevention is better than cure; in the case of kidney stones, it is true. Kidney stones are among the most common health conditions in our society today. Due to the prevalent diets and health habits we have, more and more people are developing kidney stones. While kidney stones can pass through the urinary tract undetected and with little or no pain at all, larger stones can cause extreme pain comparable to childbirth. The pain associated with kidney stones is often called renal colic and may also be accompanied by vomiting, bleeding, fever and chills.

To prevent kidney stones, you will want to examine your diet and nutrition as well as devise a plan to make it work. With the recommendation of a dietician or a general practitioner, you can effectively make your diet work for you in preventing kidney stones.

Your first defense against kidney stones is to drink plenty of fluids. And intake of 2-3 liters of water daily can help dilute the crystal-forming substances in the urine, preventing crystals from forming and thus, kidney stones. Moreover, you can also maintain a balanced intake of calcium as high calcium concentration in the urine can cause calcium stones. A diet that is rich in oxalate, animal protein, sodium and sugar can also cause the formation of kidney stones.

If you have had kidney stones before, you may become predisposed to develop it again at a later date. To ensure this does not happen, you can plan a diet that is well-suited to your condition. As I have pointed out previously, diet can be a factor in preventing kidney stones. However, you should cater to your individual needs according to the type of kidney stones you had.

Calcium stones can be prevented by reducing sodium, animal protein and oxalate-rich diets. The deficiency of calcium can also cause calcium oxalate stones as the decrease in calcium concentration in the urine will also mean a higher concentration of oxalate in the urine. Uric acid stones can also be prevented by reducing animal protein in the diet.

For a more detailed diet plan and prevention method, consult your doctor or dietician. In the meanwhile, be sure to drink plenty of water daily to keep your urine levels at a balance.

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