Top Tips for Healthier Skin

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Having healthy looking skin is one of the top things that can improve your looks overall and help to enhance your confidence and your attractiveness. Healthy skin makes us look healthy ourselves, and is often associated with celebrity and success – you don’t see the leads in Hollywood blockbusters sporting bad skin just as you don’t see many with crooked teeth.

But the good news is that making your skin look better is much easier than straightening out wonky gnashers; all it takes is a good morning regime, a healthy lifestyle, a better diet and a few potential procedures to help out. Let’s look into those points in more detail.

Your Morning Regime

Most of us have a routine we go through in the morning to make us presentable for the day to follow and to help maintain our health in general. Generally this will involve brushing our teeth, washing and possibly doing your makeup if you’re of the fairer sex. To improve your skin then all you need to do is to add some more points to this list. To begin with, exfoliation can help a great deal in the morning to open up your pores and help you prevent a build-up of dirt or bacteria that can lead to blackheads and spots. Likewise using a moisturizer may also help to make your skin look softer, while some anti-wrinkle creams can help to disguise wrinkles and prevent more from forming.

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Meanwhile it can help to avoid using soap on your face (this only causes your skin to dry out, which in turn triggers your body to increase production of natural oils) and to use a self-tanning moisturiser. Self tanning moisturisers will give you a fairly naturally looking tan that can make you look healthier and more active but also at the same time cover up blemishes by making them contrast less against your natural skin tone.

Your Diet

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Diet can have a huge impact on the quality of your skin, and generally the healthier you eat the healthier your skin will look. Eating anything overly acidic (like tomatoes) or overly sugary (like chocolate) can contribute to acne, while drinking more water can help you detox. Foods high in antioxidants meanwhile are also good for anti-ageing.

Your Lifestyle

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If your skin looks haggard and tired it’s probably as a result of your lifestyle giving you little time to recover. Getting enough sleep can help you avoid looking washed out or having bags under your eyes, while exercising regularly can increase your muscle definition (which will make your skin look firmer) and help give you a more even skin tone due to an improved circulation.


If you still have wrinkles or spots that you’re unhappy with then laser treatments offer a great way to make your skin look more youthful and blemish free and work by tightening your skin while revealing the fresh layer of healthy skin underneath. Of course there are many other techniques available for improving your skin too, but many of these are more invasive and can have mixed results.

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 Top Tips for Healthier Skin

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