Say No To Pimples, Not To Chocolates!

Every time you spot a zit on your face, you end up thinking of all those disastrous things you consumed in the past 24 hours. While people give extreme importance to the spotted menace, many use it as a reason to stir up some common myths which have been ruling the charts since time immemorial.

After reading the header, I’m sure your heart must have skipped a beat. If the very statement gave you a mini heart attack, then you’re in for a royal ride. With your sweet tooth ruling the roost, chocolates have been said to be the biggest cause of acne in people who are more prone to getting plagued with the ugly disease. While some people are more or less used to the concept of acne, some others are just not ready to give up the fight when it comes to pimples. The fact remains, are the two related? Is that gooey, rock solid bare of chocolate as deadly as it seems? If so, should you stop eating chocolate in any form? Let’s put all those bubbling questions to rest and seek an answer to the famous query people of all ages have.

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Acne vulgaris (Photo credit: Adams999)

Burst the zit or break the myth

Let me put all those nervous souls to rest. This is indeed a myth which has been concocted by people over the years, simply to help children from developing an over indulging habit for the sweet condiment. While struggling parents have used this as an effective antidote for their children’s gorging habits, the trends have more than failed to cease. This is where the extensive research comes into the picture.

Over the years, many scientists have tried to burst the famous overhyped myth of chocolate and acne. Even though the relation of the two seems inevitable, it’s highly untrue. Let’s face it, chocolate, the harmless brown candy, does not cause a spurt of pimples on your face. Probably, you might want to consider the following few quick reasons for an acne attack.

  • Genetic codes: You know who to blame for your genetic coding, right? Every person has a specific genetic coding which he/she inherits from their parents. While some may enjoy acne free skin, others may not be as blessed as their counter parts. But whatever be said and done, there is no cure for rearranging your genetics. So if you’re born with it, you’re stuck it (until of course, you go in for some latest laser therapies)
  • Hormones: Well these are something you can certainly not help; you’re simply born with these. As humans, we have a wide variety of hormones which are responsible for our day to day functions. While many people carry an overdrive of hormones in their body, others don’t. This is probably the only reason why every person has a different personality and an even different skin texture (which is smooth and free of acne).

Food that cures is the food that’s pure:

Here’s how to put an effective end to all those teenage problems. As you seem to be struggling to get rid of your biggest enemy, it’s not as difficult as it looks. Here are a few things you can probably try out to ease yourself out of the pimple attack.

  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Include a potent amount of chromium in your diet
  • Indulge your taste buds with foods rich in zinc

While many people will suggest different ways of getting rid of acne, it’s on you to choose and filter out what’s best for you. Last but not the least, everything that’s heard on the grapevine is not true. Learn to trust your own instincts and feel the difference in your life.

This is a guest post by Jonathan Mayer. He has been using various tips on getting rid of his pimples problems and likes to share some really great results thorugh his posts.

 Say No To Pimples, Not To Chocolates!
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