Excuses Don’t Work! Eat Your Breakfast!

I’ve been around long enough to have heard 101 excuses why some people don’t eat breakfast. And I’m going to be straight up about this issue because none of them work.

Running on Empty Sucks Energy

If you’re gas tank is empty what do you do? You fill it up so you can drive your sweet 911 Porsche Turbo right?


I don’t understand why you wouldn’t do everything you can to ensure you gave your body everything it needs to function well? You only have one body folks and when it starts to really break down on you, there isn’t going to be a hell of a lot you can do about it!

Disease and chronic illness isn’t something that just “happens” overnight! It’s something that takes years to develop. And it manifests when you aren’t making good life choices. It’s your bad habits and neglect that give sickness the green light.

I’m not asking you to be perfect but I am asking you to stop and think. I’m asking you to start listening to your body and learning what the best things are for it.

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So when you wake up in the morning and feel tired and your tummy is rumbling, this means you need to feed it something healthy. And statistics show that people, who make a habit of eating breakfast, weight less and are healthier overall than those that don’t! These people are also more energetic and less likely to overeat later in the day.

It’s no surprise that people use skipping breakfast as an excuse to eat the whole candy store later in the day, when hunger overtakes them. Crazy but true my friends.

Now I’m going to get a little technical on you here so put on your thinking cap. The neuropeptide Y is responsible for keeping your appetite in check during the day. And by filling your tummy first thing in the morning you are making this hormone happy, suppressing it from running wildly out of control when the four o’clock bell rings.

By skipping meals you are putting this peptide behind the wheel with a tank full of gas. In other words, you’ll have it revving the engine and ready to go. This is definitely not what you want.

300px Quick breakfast Excuses Dont Work! Eat Your Breakfast!

Healthy breakfasts boost energy levels pronto!

Also by eating breakfast you are going to give your body the shot of natural energy it needs to start the day off right. You will be thinking clearly and physically able to function because you’re not running on nauseating fumes. This will also give you the ability to control your eating better and eat the next time you’re hungry, not just when your learned habits dictate.

And on those days you think you need just a little bit more zip; a natural energy vitamin will be just enough to give you what you need to stay on track for the day.

On a final note, I don’t want to hear that you have no time, because that’s total crap! It literally takes two minutes to put peanut butter on a couple slices of whole grain bread and grab a banana. One minute to pour yourself a bowl of cereal and down a glass of juice. And if you’re running late you can grab a whole grain granola bar and a yogurt as you’re skipping out the door.


Don’t argue with me and just eat your breakfast. Then you can brag to me about how energized you feel!

Cathy Wilson wrote this energetic article on behalf of the new all-natural energy booster E Fact. E Fact Energy: Energy Revived.

 Excuses Dont Work! Eat Your Breakfast!

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