Combating The Problem Of Body Odor With Some Quick Tips

Sweating is a common problem. But, this may not be uniform for everyone. Some people sweat more and some others sweat less; sweat causes body odor and this is a known fact. If you perspire more and you have the problem of body odor, you may not want to move freely with others because you may think that you will be ridiculed for your problem. You may have an inferiority complex also. So, you may wish to smell nice. There are certain ways by which you can keep yourself fresh and also smell nice at the same time.

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Steps to control your body odor

  • It is very important that you should wash daily. Experts advise that if you wash before you retire for bed, you may feel fresh in the morning. If you have time, you can strip-wash also during mornings. For washing, you should use a good body shampoo that can clean effectively. But, you must ensure to rinse your body thoroughly so that the soap is not retained on your skin. If the soap or the shampoo is left on the skin, it can lead to skin problems. You can use a shower-gel also for cleaning your arms, legs and other parts of the body.
  • You must ensure to wear clean clothes only. This means you should wash your clothes daily. Some people have the wrong notion that they need not wash their clothes during winters. They think that since they do not perspire much during winters, washing clothes is not necessary. But, the fact is that during winters also, clothes should be washed thoroughly. ¬†Wearing good, clean and dry under-garments is also very important. You should not use low-quality and cheap detergents for washing your clothes.
  • Exfoliation will do a world of good for combating the body-odor problem. You can use a high-quality exfoliating agent or a scrub with fragrance for fighting body odor.
  • Some people think that hair has no relationship or relevance with body odor. Though this may be true, you must clean your hair at least twice a week. If you have oily hair, you should use a mild and good shampoo and wash your hair daily. You must rinse your hair thoroughly. A hair shampoo with a good smell will help you relive a fresh feeling.
  • People suggest an antiperspirant but, there are many who advise against this because it may block the pores of your skin. You can consult your doctor and if your doctor advises, you can use it. You can use this even twice or thrice during daytime depending on the level of sweating. Likewise, you must use a deodorant also for fighting your body odor. You should apply it liberally in the armpits and ensure to layer the deodorant up properly. But, you should dry your skin thoroughly before using the antiperspirant or deodorant. A good body-spray and perfume will also help you to get rid of your body odor. Your antiperspirant, deodorant, body spray and perfume should be with you throughout the day so that you can use it whenever necessary.
  • A few experts advise the use of vinegar for combating underarm odor. You should dilute the vinegar in water and with a cotton cloth; you can roll the diluted solution in the underarm area.

This guest post is contributed by Ronald Mathews. Along with providing useful skin care tips, he also supports the excessive sweating treatment to get that much needed emotional freedom.

 Combating The Problem Of Body Odor With Some Quick Tips

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