How To Turn Salt Water Into Drinking Water

“Some people think of the glass as half full. ...Turning salt water into drinking water is not something that is new. Many people know that salt water can be turned into drinking water. But not many actually know or understand the process of turning salt water into drinking water. The process of removing salt from drinking water also known as desalinization is very important in cases of emergencies especially in places where there is little amount of water available and all there is, is salt water.


This is what to do to turn salt water into drinking water. First, here are things you need to carry out desalinization:


(i)        Pan or pot


(ii)       Salt water


(iii)      Heat or fire


(iv)      A glass cup


(1) Place the glass cup in the middle of the pot. Ensure that the glass cup is shorter than the pot. You are doing this so that you can close the pot conveniently.


(2) Pour the salt water gently on the pot or pan. When pouring, ensure that the salt water do not get in the glass cup. Pour the salt water on the pot to a level before the top of the cup. In other words, do not allow the salt water to get to the mouth of the glass cup. You are doing this so that you can prevent the salt water in the pot from splashing into the glass cup while salt water is boiling.


(3) Cover the pot and place on fire. It would be best if your pot has a cone-like shape that leads to the middle. However the shape of your pot cover, place the cover of the pot up-side-down so that the droplets from the vapour coming from the pot can lead to the glass cup. Or place the budging part down.


(4) Reduce the heat on the pot so that the water does not boil violently and mix up with the content on the cup. So, your source of heat should be one with a regulator so you can easily reduce the heat.


(5) After some minutes of boiling, you start seeing some water in the glass cup if you open. This water inside the glass cup is pure and it enters the cup through the cover of the pot.


(6) Take out the glass of water from the pot when you are satisfied with the amount of water that has entered the glass cup and put out the fire or heat.


You can drink the water when the heat has subsided as it is free from all dissolved salt in it.


You can also remove salt from drinking water with the help of a device known as water cone. Water cone helps you to turn salt water into pure water. Unlike the process I just mentioned above, water cone needs only power from the sun to turn salt water to drinking water. All you have to do is to place the cone on a pan of salty water and place in the sun. the water evaporates and condense on the side of the cone. When the water has been condensed, remove the cone and there your drinking water! Although it is not as fast as the first method or process of removing salt from drinking water, but it helps you save energy and money.

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