The Easiest Ways To Stop Frowning In The Sun

When you go out on sunny days and look at peoples face, what do you see? You are likely going to see people frowning especially when their face is directly facing the sun. Have you ever ask yourself what is responsible for this?
Most people who frown while in the sun do so as a result of the direction of the sun in relation to their face. Directly exposing your face to the sun especially at high intensity may cause you to move your face in a manner that often times cause you to frown.
Are you one of those with this kind of problem, then it is necessary to do something fast to stop it. This becomes very necessary when you go out in the sun frequently or if your work or your daily activities require your go out in the sun regularly.
Frequent frowning in the sun will sooner or later cause frown lines and wrinkles to develop on the skin especially in areas around your forehead.
If you wish to stop frowning while in the sun, here are tips I know will help you. Funny enough it is very easy!


Frown (Photo credit: TheeGoblin)

Like I earlier mentioned above people who frown while in the sun do so as a result of the reflected light of the sun on their face especially when the heat of the sun is intense. To stop frowning while in the sun, you have to do all you can to protect your face especially your forehead from the direct impact of the sun. I have listed below some of the ways of shielding your face from the light of the sun.

  • Wear wide-brim hat, baseball caps or face caps, and any other head covering that is designed to shield direct sunlight from the forehead.
  • Wear sunglasses if you wish to give your face extra protection. You can wear sunglasses alone or with head covering.
  • Go for regular eye check to check for any defect of the eye. Unhealthy eyes could cause you to frown while in the sun.

Additional tips

  • Learn how to relax the areas around your forehead. one way I often relax my forehead is through meditation. I wrote a post on how to meditate to stop frowning I think you should check it out.
  • Smile often. When you smile more often, you are less likely going to frown.

The above list is not exhausted as there are several other ways to stop frowning. You can see my post on 5 easy ways to stop frowning for additional information on how to stop frowning.
Do you have other ways you think help to stop frowning while in the sun? Feel free to let me know by sharing it in the comment section below. Thanks!

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