Causes Of Dry Feet

Dry feet can affect anybody. It is problematic for those who have it. Our feet naturally is dry. The feet dries more when you don’t moisturize regularly. Dry feet is also common with people suffering from diabetics and those with athlete’s foot. Dry feet may cause the feet to crack. And when cracks get deeper, it sometimes lead to bleeding of the feet. 

Dry Feet Causes
Below are some of the common causes of dry feet.
Bathing or showering too frequently can cause dry skin on feet. Although it is necessary to keep the feet clean, don’t take it to the extreme. Also, bathing or showering with extreme hot water can also cause dry skin on feet. If you must bathe or shower with water in higher temperature, make it lukewarm.

Weather is also a cause of dry feet. When there is low humidity or dry climate the feet gets dry causing dry feet. Dry climate especially the harmattan seasons in the tropical regions can cause your skin to lose moisture thus, causing dry feet. Constant exposure of your feet to the sun can also cause dry skin feet.

The kind of soaps and creams used on the skin can cause dry skin on feet. Some of these soaps and creams because of the ingredient used to make them and probably because they do not contain enough moisturizers, when used for a long time causes the feet to dry. To avoid this, always purchase soaps and creams with moisturizers.   
Dry feet has also been traced to genetics. That is, it has been know to be passed from parents to offspring.
As we grow older our skin tends to lose its suppleness and this causes the feet to dry.

Other skin conditions can also result in dry feet such as athlete’s foot, psoriasis, eczema, diabetes can also cause dry feet.

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