Itchy feet – Meaning, symptoms, Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Itchy feet is an irritating, embarrassing and annoying experience. You are tempted to scratch your feet with anything you find around you. In some cases, you want to take off your shoes in public places and scratch your feet. Anyone can be infected with itchy feet. This post contains the itchy feet meaning, symptoms, causes, ways to prevent it as well as possible treatment for the condition.

itchy feet

What Does Itchy Foot Mean (Itchy Feet Meaning)

Itchy feet, just like the name, is an irritating feeling around the feet which cause a urge to scratch.

Symptoms Of Itchy Feet
The following are symptoms of itchy feet.

  • Mild or severe itching of the feet and toes.
  • Bleeding of the skin due to constant itching.
  • Inflammation of the feet.

What Causes Itchy Feet?

Below are some of the causes of itchy feet.

  • Putting on of wet shoes and socks. This creates a favorable environment for bacteria.
  • Putting on shoes and socks while your feet is still wet.
  • Sweat from the feet occasionally can make the feet itch.
  • Improper hygiene.
  • Putting on poorly fitted socks and shoes which can cause abrasion of the feet.
  • Putting on shoes and socks for a prolong time.

Other causes of itchy feet include the following:

Dry feet
Athlete’s feet
Insect bite
Hook worm
Contact dermatitis
Ring worm
Tick bite
Flee bite


How to Prevent Itchy Feet
The following are ways you can prevent itchy feet.

  • Observe proper hygiene.

  • Ensure your feet is dry especially the spaces between your toes, before wearing socks and shoes.
  • Make sure you put on clean and comfortable shoes with the right fittings.
  • For those who sweat on the feet a lot, dusting powder can be used to reduce the sweat before putting on socks/shoes.
  • Wear shoes that gives room for ventilation especially in hot weather. This is to prevent the feet from getting warm and damp, an environment that favours the growth of fungus.
  • avoid exposing your feet to harsh dry weather conditions as this could make the feet dry. Dry feet like you saw above is one of the causes of itchy feet.

Treatment for Itchy Feet
Itchy feet can be treated in the following ways:

  • Use anti-fugal creams that are designed for the treatment of itchy feet.
  • Before and during treatment of itchy feet, you must resist the temptation to scratch as this can cause the spread of the disease to other parts of the leg.
  • You can use anti-fugal/anti-bacteria powder on the feet before putting on socks/shoes.
  • To quicken the healing process and to prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the feet, it is advisable to wear shoes that allows for ventilation.
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