5 Easy Ways To Stop Frowning

Frowning had become part of so many people. And stopping it has become a problem because they are now use to the habit.
Some people frown face without even knowing. While some others involve in activities which make them frown, like operating the computer.
Do you have a frowning face? Do you have friends who frown and love to help them out? Or you just want to know how to stop frowning. Then read on to find out some useful tips that will help you stop frowning in a short time.

How to stop frowning

smile to stop frowning

1 Cultivate the habit of smiling:

Some people don’t see any reason why they should smile more often. A man told me that he couldn’t smile always, since he is not a contestant in Miss. World Beauty Pageant. Can you imagine that!
Smile always; it will do you no harm but good. When you smile, your face is relaxed and you feel happy. When you don’t smile often, there is this tendency for you to frown. Many people form the habit of frowning right from childhood, which has become part of them. To Stop frowning entails that you learn how to smile. If you find it difficult to smile often, here is how to smile often:
• When you wake up in the morning, SMILE. Thank God for making you to see the day.
• Before you go out, look at the mirror and SMILE for about five minutes.
• When you greet people, ensure you SMILE.
• When you are down, SMILE, don’t let it affect your mood.
• Set a reminder, in the form of alarm to remind you of smiling. Start with 3 times a day to as many times a day till you get used to it.
Remember it takes muscles to frown.

be conscious of your face to stop frowning

2 Be conscious of your face:

Be very conscious of your face, because it is instrumental in your quest to stop frowning. The moment you are aware when you frown, you will be able to stop it. This will make you frown less often. All you have to do is to identify the muscles you use when frowning and relax the muscles. How do you identify the muscles?
This is what you do:
• Lie on the bed facing the ceiling.
• Close your eyes.
• Try to relax the muscles in between your eyebrow.
• Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes. You can increase it from once a day to as many times a day as you wish till you get result.
When you do this, you will be able to identify the muscles and know when to relax it.

think of things that make you smile, not frown

3 Think only of things that make you smile:

When you think of negative things, it makes you depress, which in most cases result to frowning. Studies show that depression is often associated with frowning. When you are depressed, there is the possibility that you frown. So, avoid depression today. Here are tips that will help you think of things that make you smile. This will help even when you are depressed.
• Identify those things that make you SMILE AND HAPPY. This could either be a movie, an incident, a friend, etc.
• If it is a film or a book, try to watch and read more of it.
• At your own time, lie on the bed facing the ceiling. Any position will be okay provided you are comfortable.
• Close your eyes.
• Try to remember those things you have identified already that make you smile and SMILE. If it causes you to laugh, LAUGH!
• Do this for about 20 minutes. You can increase it from once a day to as many times a day as you wish.

massage your forehead

4 Massage your forehead regularly:

Another way in which you can stop frowning is by massaging your forehead. You can use moisturizers or just your hand to massage. Here is what you do:
• Apply moisturizers to your forehead.
• From the center of your forehead, run your hands outwardly to the side of your head.
• Do this for one minute.
When you do this, it helps you to relax any tensed muscles on your forehead.
Frownies Forehead & Between Eyes, 144 Patches

5 Use Patches or Tapes:

Some People when they concentrate on a particular task they tend to frown without realizing it. Do you know you can actually stop frowning when concentrating on that task that usually cause you to frown such as operating the computer? Yes! you can do so by using facial patches. The patches I know of and can recommend is Furlesse and Frownies Facial patches. But there are several other patches which are also good such as DermaGen Anti-Wrinkle Patches. Place the patches on your forehead while doing such task. It always help.

Incase you cannot get your hands on any of them, you can achieve your aim by going for the second option; tapes! Following the tips below if you are using tapes.

• Get a tape and trip it so that it becomes thin.
• Place the thin tape horizontally on your forehead, between your brows for the duration of the task that causes you to frown.
When you follow this step, you discover that you can actually in no distant time stop frowning.
Tapes can also be used at night before you go to bed. This is because most frowning is done at night. When this tape is placed in between your forehead, you frown less.
The tips above on easy ways to stop frowning if followed will help you turn that frown upside down. By this I mean changing from sad to happy.
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  1. Ruby Bleu

    Thank you for posting, I found this very helpful!

  2. DUI evaluation

    I have to say, at several instances, my friends ask me if something is bothering me. When I answer “No,” and ask them why? They would say, “Oh, you’re deeply frowning so I thought something bad came up.” Frowning is so natural to me that people give me the first impression of being unfriendly or unapproachable. These tips you have shared are what I needed so much. Thank you for posting.

    • Francis

      It is good to know that this article has been of help to you. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Judith

    I read this post from beginning to the end and i find it interesting and useful.

  4. Faith

    This is a well written post. I must commend your effort. Although I dont frown often, I believe it will help those who do. Do you have a book about frowning? Let me know if you do.

    • Francis

      Hi Faith,
      I am working on e-book on frowning. I will let you know when it is out. Thanks for all you said.

  5. Chase

    Wonderful post! Just subscribed to your post. Thanks!

  6. Lulu

    I’ve been frowning since I was little. Frowning makes me look ugly and angry when I’m not even angry. People tend to ask why I’m always in a bad mood. Frowning makes me unapproachable and unfriendly. Whenever I look at my photographs, I see myself frowning in most of them. It’s a real turn off. Thanks for writing this post I will definitely try out all these tips you mentioned.

    • Francis

      Hi Lulu,
      Frowning can really be frustrating especially when you frown often. Sometimes you dont even known you frown unless you are told by others.
      I am happy you liked the article. The tips are great.
      I even have an e-book on how to stop frowning titled: Easiest and Most Powerful Tips to Stop Frowning. I will be making the book free on this site within a few days. Do subscribe to this blog if you are interested so as not to miss the opportunity.
      The book is great and I think you will love it.

  7. Lilly

    If I read one more blog that tells me to cheer up to stop frowning, I’m going to lose my mind. I’m a very happy person. I don’t frown because I’m sad. I often frown while smiling. I frown when it’s bright outside, I’m concentrating, sleeping, reading, looking at far away objects, and more other times than I can list. I frown 24/7. Yes, I wear glasses. I want a solution to my frowning problem that works. Every five minutes or so, I realize that I’m frowning and relax my face. The trouble is that my face will frown again anyway. Why do I even bother? I should accept the fact that my face will be ugly, angry, and wrinkled at a premature age because I’m too poor to afford Botox.

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